Takamaka funicular

Takamaka funicular allows EDF employees to access the two hydroelectric generating stations: Takamaka 1 and 2. Located in the rainiest area of France, it is subjected to harsh weather conditions (7 m of rain or water per year). The funicular is flexible: it can be used to transport equipment or it can be used to transport personnel through the addition of a cabin. The very steep slope (close to 100%) and the important rolling load require a particular rail brake, in this case a standing rope system damped through an hydraulic cylinder in the upper station.

Data sheet

Station Takamaka (Saint-Benoit, Island of Réunion) hydroelectric power plant
Firm number
Category FUN-Funiculaire
Name Funiculaire de Takamaka
Opening year 1967
Last refurbishment year 1967
Operator EDF
Main manufacturer MANCINI modified by GIMAR in 1986 and ISR in 1992
Authorized up traffic 30 persons per run
Authorized down traffic 30 persons per run
Uphill operating speed 0.7 m/s
Downhill operating speed 0.7 m/s
Altitude difference 248.8 m
Lower station elevation 547 m
Upper station elevation 795.8 m
Developed lenght 377 m
Horizontal length
Maximum gradient (%) 94.9 %
Average gradient 94.9 %
Theoretical operating speed 0.7 m/s
Theroretical up traffic 30 persons per run
Theoretical down traffic 30 persons per run
Motor cab position AMONT
Installation year
Function Uphill haul rope
Position Uphill
Ultimate strength (UTS)
Diameter 36 mm
Main engine type Continuous
Engine power 135 kW