Montpezat funicular

Montpezat inclined plane allows the operator of the hydroelectric power plant to have a direct access to the power generators located underground, way below the plant level. It is located next to a ramp used to raise and lower heavy equipment and components. Before the construction of the power plant in the 1950s, the funicular did not exist and it was the ramp that was used with a cabin mounted in front of the equipment linked to a haulage rope… An accident led the operator to separate the two functions. The employees can board on the inclined plane at two different stations in the upper part of the track.

Data sheet

Station Montpezat-sous-Bauzon hydroelectric power plant
Firm number
Category FUN-Funiculaire
Name Plan incliné de Montpezat
Opening year 1969
Last refurbishment year 1969
Operator EDF
Main manufacturer AKROS
Authorized up traffic 1200kg or 8 persons
Authorized down traffic 1200kg or 8 persons
Uphill operating speed 0.85 m/s
Downhill operating speed 0.85 m/s
Altitude difference 120.7 m
Lower station elevation
Upper station elevation
Developed lenght 254 m
Horizontal length
Spacing 630 m
Maximum gradient (%) 55 %
Average gradient 55%
Theoretical operating speed 0.85 m/s
Theroretical up traffic 1200kg or 8 persons per run
Theoretical down traffic 1200kg or 8 persons per run
Motor cab position Uphill
Installation year
Function Uphill haul rope
Position Uphill
Ultimate strength (UTS)
Diameter 16 mm
Main engine type Continuous
Engine power 21 kW