Legal notices

Collection of personal data

Two types of personal date are collected from the website
– data filled out on line and sent via forms
– data collected through Google Analytics audience-measurement tool

Who is responsible for collecting the personal data

Personal data is collected from the website by the Funiculaires de France organisation.

Use of the collected personal data

Personal data, collected through different forms located on the website, is used to:
– Connect with people who have left their contact information,
By submitting the form and checking the box on the form, the internet user expressly agrees to allowing his personal data to be used for the sake of commercial relations.

The collection of personal data through the audience-measurement tool of Google Analytics applied to this site serves to analyse the behaviour of internet users, to measure their time spent on the site, and to improve their performance. Google Analytics utilises cookies of third parties in order to distinguish the users. Cookies are text files installed in the terminals of internet users. They contain no information concerning the users, only identification information taken randomly.
In entering the site, the internet user expressly agrees to allowing his personal data to be collected by Google Analytics for analytical and behavioural statistics, for the purpose of improving the performance of the website.

How long is personal data kept

Collected data via forms is kept for one year beginning the date the form is sent.
 Cookies used for the audience-measurement tool of Google Analytics are kept as follows:
– ga : 2 years
– gid : 24 hours
– gat : 1 minute

Confidentiality of personal data

Personal data collected by the that concerns you, is destined solely for the Funiculaires de France organization and used only in the context of the explicit request on the form. In no way, is personal data entered on the forms and sent to the organization, transmitted, loaned to others or commercialized.

Storing personal data

The website servers are exclusively located in France, within the European Union. The Funiculaires de France pledge to allow no transfer of personal data destined for any country outside the European Union.

Security of personal data

The website is hosted by secure servers; its entire content is in secure HTTPS-type mode. This is security protocol for the encryption of exchanges between navigator and data base servers. It is to keep personal data entered and sent via forms from being read easily by third parties during transit.
However, no transmission or storage of personal data is totally secure. Consequently we cannot absolutely guarantee the infallibility of information transmitted or stored by the host-servers.

Committed to protecting personal data

The Funiculaire France organization assumes the responsibility of conforming to the new European legal RGPD terms and cooperating with inspection authorities. You may the organization by using the contact form or by writing to: Les Funiculaires de France – 5 Ter Rue du Petit Beaubourg – 94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés.

Right of access, rectification or elimination of personal data

According the modified Law on Computer Technology and Freedom of 6 January 1978, and the General European Rule for Data Protection 2016/679 (RGPD), every individual has the right of access, rectification, and elimination of personal data concerning him or her self which can be exercised by using the contact form or by sending a letter to: Les Funiculaires de France – 5 Ter Rue du Petit Beaubourg – 94100 Saint-Maur-des-Fossés.

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